The Ultimate On-Page SEO Factors [infographic]

Posted on September 27, 2015

I’ve come across a few business owners recently who have asked for my advice on their SEO efforts. They’ve read a bit about SEO, been to some conferences and talks so then set out to do this themselves. It is great to see that many business owners want to take control of their SEO and understand how their website ranking works – after all it is about your business. These few owners that I mention though, hadn’t done their SEO right at all and had asked me why they were not ranking for the specific keywords that they thought they had optimised their site for. So I took a look and what I found were classic black-hat techniques, not done maliciously but rather done because they had heard at one stage or another about on-page SEO factors as being having as many keywords as you can on your page, having as many inbound links as possible, using the alt tags in an image etc etc. These tips were taken quite literal by the people I spoke to and what they ended up doing was out-dated and considered now to be worth a penalty by Google. I could see it in their rankings too, they wouldn’t really be ranking at all, maybe second page if they were lucky. This is the thing about the client not fully understanding SEO. One example I used was the alt tags. As a web developer I know that an alt tag is where you put a piece of information about an image so that if for some reason the image doesn’t render you can display a description of the image for the user. This is the key…”for the user”, not for the search engine. Now Google and Bing has gone more towards designing for the user and their algorithms are becoming so sophisticated they are crawling the web and reading your website like a user. One particular business owner had stuffed their alt tags each with every keyword they could possibly fit into it. A big no-no, well over the 70 character limit and not in any way sensible to anybody reading a description of an image. So, on this note what should yo be doing if you want to rank for your on-page efforts? Exactly what do Google and Bing want to see on my site? Have a look at this infographic by Shane Barker which sums it all up really well. Credit:

On-Page SEO Factors

Written by: Ross Maguire

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