Social Media Marketing

Having a strong Social Media presence is vital for business and is all about strategy and personality. Using personality in your brand has never been more important than now in terms of online business. The possibilities are endless with good Social Media Management. Social Media for businesses is whatever you want it to be! You have goals and you have something to market, plenty of your customers are out there online right now.

Social Accounts

Facebook and Twitter are essential accounts for anyone looking to get started with Social Media Marketing but some businesses may need more. Once we have defined your goals I handle the set up of your accounts and begin to generate a following for you.

Graphics and Content

I design all graphics needed with Social Media posts, cover photos, logos and ads. I will also produce professional content that speaks to your audience in the style of your brand so you can market your business in the way that you want it. I will be your Social Media Manager on all your accounts so you can be sure that it is being handled by a qualified professional.

Strategies and Reports

There are many different ways to market your content on social media, and I regularly write about this in my blog. I will regularly sit down with clients and go through marketing ideas and will report on Social Media stats so you can see exactly what you’re getting out of it.

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