SEO & Consultancy

Once I build a website for a client I am never satisfied with handing it over and wiping my hands clean. I will always offer the client my advice and hand in getting your website found by the people you want, and for the keywords you want. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves a number of techniques and extensive research involving your website and how to get it found on the most popular search engines. I provide a number of these services for existing clients and new ones too, if you;ve come here looking for SEO on your existing website talk to me today!

SEO Audit

I can audit your current website to see how it currently stands in terms of SEO. This involves an audit of the site on a technical level and on off-page factors, and a report of what you can do to better it. If you would also need someone to implement findings – I’m your man!

Content Proofing

If you are running a blog on your website or creating content on a regular basis on your site I can proof your content for SEO. This means going through your fresh content on a regular basis before it is published and optimising it for search engines with keywords, sharing across social media and various other factors such as links and call to actions.


If you would just like to meet up for general advice and would like me to talk to a member of
your team about what they can be doing on a regular basis to up your SEO game, I am
available for meetings to consult on various tasks (this usually involves an audit, too)

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