How to use Facebook to drive traffic to your website

Posted on September 1, 2015

Having a Facebook page and a fully optimised website is something that should go hand in hand if you are looking to create brand awareness online. Gone are the days of having a website designed and leaving it alone to hopefully be seen by your target audience. Social Media has given businesses a huge opportunity to advertise and alert customers of the goings on within their organisation. If you have just had a brand new and fully optimised website designed, social media is the missing link between it and your customers. Not only that but having a social media profile that is constantly working alongside your site has proven to be a strong factor in SEO too, so why not take advantage of all that is available?

A lot of business owners might not understand the importance of Facebook fully, but when it comes to driving traffic to your website it can be a very useful and quite essential tool.

Here are some of the top ways you can drive traffic to your website from Facebook and why it is an advantage to keep both fresh and up to date:


Content Marketing

Posting fresh new content on your website is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO today. Having a website that does not change it’s content is not enough anymore and is a good reason to start a blog on your website. However there are different style of websites to suit each business and brochure type sites which do not change content as much as say an online store, are still one of them. But these can also work interchangeably with Facebook for more traffic. Anytime a page is updated on your website, share it to your Facebook page. Letting people know about what is going on over on your website should be the number one goal if you have put in the investment to have something built and having something updated regularly. Posting other articles and viral content to your Facebook page to rack up the likes and comments is all well and good but you should remind your followers of your core business on the website with your own articles and website updates at least a couple of times a week. There are some popular ratios known among content marketers of which you should follow between posting original and viral content. The sharing of this native content across several other platforms including Facebook is also a sure booster to your SEO efforts.



Optimise your Facebook posts and info sections

Just as you would insert keywords, shorten links, and create call to actions on your website, you can do all of this on your Facebook page too. Make sure that when you are posting links to your content that the blurb you give before it contains similar keywords and call to actions that you would expect a user to find on your site. Think of Facebook as a mini version of your website..where the about section contains keywords that can be found by Google and the buttons and photos are call to actions that advertise your site. When you post photos you should also take advantage of posting a link to the relevant info on your website. That way when this type of content gets shared by other profiles and pages the link follows them to other places around the internet and to more people. More shares of the links and keywords group your content together and spread more versions of it which is good for SEO and needless to say for more people to be exposed to your site. Simples!



Facebook has come down pretty hard on business however. With the steps mentioned above, Facebook can expose your content to less people just for including a link. This can sometimes depend on how many people are online at the time etc so it is important to know optimised times for posting content. However when used the Facebook advertising tools can be used to great effect. For as little as 2 euro a day you can have your post, including your links and photos exposed to thousands of Facebook users and you can target specified demographics too. This is a certain way to gain more followers on your social media and in turn expose your future links to your website to more people.


Make your content shareable on your site

On the flip side it’s not all about linking from Facebook to your site. If you are putting an investment into your site being found by organic search you want people to be able to share your content to their Facebook pages also. Having share options on your articles and general content, and having your social media icons present on your site is another way to integrate your Facebook into your website. Remember above as we mentioned when links are shared around Facebook your links follow the content around the internet. You should be trying to kickstart this right from the start when visitors are looking at your site. Let your content travel the internet while you sleep, the rest is done for you so you can sit back and let your SEO grow and your back links spread automatically!



To conclude, many businesses will say that in their area of business they don’t need a website and Facebook is doing enough. They will also say they don’t need a Facebook and that their website does all the converting. In my opinion if you are online in any form you are missing a huge opportunity to grow by not having a full online profile. This means Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and fundamentally a website; all working together to grow the business and create a brand awareness online. This is the way the web works now and it is only going to get greater with more devices inevitably being able to connect.

Written by: Ross Maguire

Here at RM Designs we will never step away from a website design without suggesting how to keep it in the loop of the ever changing digital era and offering our advice on just how to do so! So if you are wondering what the advantages are of getting a website built and if social media is for you, talk to us and we can guide you on just how it can work for your business!