Email Marketing

Having worked as an Email Marketing Specialist for over a year alongside being a web designer I have learned how important well-crafted and strategically scheduled good Ezine Design can be to an Email Marketing Campaign. A good Email Marketing strategy can go hand in hand nicely with a website design and a social media presence. It can also be a useful SEO technique.

RM Designs Email Marketing Naas Email Strategy

Email Marketing can be a good way to reach your customers and/or clients. Depending on who you want to receive your email you may have a different approach to how you want to send your emails. I aim to understand your goal and come up with a strategy that fits, gets your emails read and ultimately benefits your business.

Design & Development

Once an Email Marketing strategy is in place I will handle all design and development of your emails, taking your content that you want to send to your subscribers and turning into a well-crafted and professional looking email. I handle all coding and graphics as well as scheduling.


I will be your database manager – on hand to update your lists, report on your email performance and make sure your subscriber data is correlated in an easy way for you to form idea’s about your next Email Marketing campaign. I will also be able to integrate into any existing website a sign up form and a link to your database to collect subscribers.

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