5 Awesome WordPress Themes (that are free!)

Posted on April 7, 2015

One of my favorite things about using WordPress is that they have a huge market of themes out there, and in that market are a lot of themes that are free of charge that look and function brilliantly on any website for any purpose. This can cut out a significant portion of your website cost, with premium themes taking up about €40 of the budget. The fact WordPress is open source means all the code is available to fiddle around with so even if one of these themes is missing a few features you had in mind, a developer who knows their way around code such as PHP,HTML and CSS can fully customize it. With plugins also available for just about anything, WordPress is always a reliable choice.


Here are 5 of my favorite (free) themes out there:



Accelerate is a beautiful looking and simple to use responsive theme. It includes a boxed and wide layout, as well as eye-catching widgets to cater for quick access to parts of the site you want people to reach. It has a nice slider presented on the home page and built in contact and gallery  page layouts.



A simple WordPress theme that has a modern and quirky benchmark design in its typography and menu backgrounds straight out of the box. The home page is similar to a one page scrolling theme but has that more conventional boxed layout for accessing other area’s of the site such as a built in portfolio template for image galleries or project designs.



This is a really nice one-page scrolling theme suitable for agencies and anyone looking to advertise straight-to-the point. It can also be used a landing page in promotional situations. It features a modern benchmark with the font and imagery, and the thing I like most about this theme is that you can ad menu items for different sections of the one-page for quick access.



A pretty simple online CV theme that lays out everything in the form of a CV. Sectioned off paragraphs make it easy to layout the content like a physical CV. It also has a built in categorized portfolio section, useful for showcasing work on your own domain.




Developed on Twitter Bootstrap, this theme follows the modern and new layout that Bootstrap introduced to Web Design a few years a ago, and now themes like this one are starting to integrate with WordPress making it easy to update without knowing code and having all the features and Plugins available with WordPress.


If you like what you see in any of the above and need a professional developer get in touch!